Christchurch Earthquake Feb 2011 - Update

There has been much publicity in recent times of the deconstruction activities occurring in Christchurch and the behaviour of some of the contractors operating within the city.

The NZDAA would like to publicly announce that at no time has any member of this association been involved in the unscrupulous behaviour that has occurred by some within the demolition industry.

The NZDAA has developed a "Code of Conduct" for its members to follow, which endorses respect of the city, property owners and the people of Christchurch. To view this code of conduct in PDF format, please click here.

NZDAA Best Practice Guidelines for Demolition - 2009 Edition

The NZDAA is proud to announce that public consultation for this document has now been completed and the Department of Labour is now receiving consultation on the revocation of its ACOP for Demolition.

 Why Choose a NZDAA Member?

By selecting NZDAA members to price and or undertake your demolition or asbestos work you can be assured that the company you have selected is a bona fide and reputable organisation that can provide a safe and efficient service.

What sets our members apart from others are:

  • Management committment to the safety of their staff, Clients and others during their works;
  • Management committment to ensuring the works are completed to the highest quality;
  • Management ability to tap into the latest information on techniques, systems and legislative requirements for thier industry, allowing them to be miles ahead of the rest;
  • Our members go through an extensive assessment process before they are accreditted as members of this association;
  • The NZDAA is committed to ensuring and maintaining a fair and even "playing feild" for its members, should any person have any concerns about the performance of one of its members then the Association has a process of review