As construction techniques advanced to create todays modern and complex structures, so too the deconstruction industry has evolved so these can be safely and efficiently demolished ;- the "ball and crane" method has now made way for multi discipline, highly expertise engineering methods involving man, machinery and explosives.

Similarly, as the serious health hazards associated with exposure to substances hazardous to health such as asbestos become more known, so too the asbestos industry (involving removal, transportation and disposal) has advanced in recognition of these.

What is the NZDAA

The New Zealand Demolition & Asbestos Association (NZDAA) (formerly the New Zealand Demolition Contractors Association (NZDCA)) is a national body that represents both the demolition and asbestos industries. Its objectives are simple:

  • To improve the overall operating environment of both the demolition and asbestos industries for all member organisations and help maintain and govern a fair and competative environment";
  • "To develop and manage industry written publications including Best Practice Guidelines in accordance with all statutory obligations and standards";
  • "To facilitiate and provide it's member organisations with recognised training and certification through the industry developed qualitification in Demolition";
  • "To effectively communcate the issues and concerns of it's member organisations to government and local body organisations";
  • "To improve the overall quality of service by member organisations to the industries clients";
  • "To act as a channel by which authority agencies, clients, suppliers and the New Zealand public can effectively communicate to the industry";

Major Partners

The combination of many years work from dedicated members of the demolition and asbestos industries has resulted in the NZDAA creating a solid foundation of credibility, authority and integrity in recogintion of the importance these industries hold within the New Zealand construction industry. Critical to attaining this was the strategic alliance formed with major partner, The Department of Labour.

  • This partnership is based on a "Memorandum of Understanding" and are focused on providing mechanisms to help achieve the Association's objectives through:
  • Setting and regulating best practice standards in high health and safety perforamance for it's members to acheive and maintain;
  • Setting and regulating best practice standards in high environmental practices for it's members to achieve and maintain;
  • Setting and regulating ethical operating standards for it's members;
  • Providing information, advice and certified, recognised training to member organisations to assist them to meet these standards.

Why be a part of the NZDAA

By choosing an NZDAA member for their jobs, Clients can be assured that they are recieving a service of quality and effectiveness to the highest standards.

You can veiw our members listing page to select a contractor in your region or you can contact the NZDAA directly. Members benefits are listed here.